Friday, November 5, 2010

Sketching other artists Sketching...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to a group of artists who gather together to paint/draw/sketch from a live model. Great. Except, that, it wasn't. Traffic snarled, I didn't get set up in a great spot and so I was stuck drawing some guy in a very static non-exciting pose. Nice. Except that there was this other guy, across the way and boy was he interesting to watch. Big feller, and my eye just kept going over there, so I just had to go and draw him. And then, during the part when everyone gets up and wanders around to look at your work, I got really embarrassed and just put it away. I mean hey, I am new here right, not my comfort zone, don't know these artists right? What if they all rallied around big rotund artist and chastised me for not following the rules. So I wimped out and called the kid.

"How'd you like the apple pie?"

"fine, when are you going to get home, and can you get me some money?"

Yes, we are transitioning out of cute little boy into big stinky sullen teen who only needs things like cash and freedom from his folks.

Well, that was my evening...what'cha think?

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Anonymous said...

OH YES! Very cool. Thanks for sharing.