Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is Andrew Blandy, otherwise known as treemade. He is an artist on the group "Julia Kay's Portrait Party". The entire collection of artists portraits of treemade can be found here.

This is an incredibly active group of artist from around the world. I am just getting started participating in this group, but so far I am loving it! Loads of off shoots of ideas are coming from being involved with these artists. They are dedicated, talented and prolific. Perhaps I could learn a thing or two as well!

Would you like me to draw you? Do you think portaits of strangers are interesting? Or do you only prefer seeing famous people, or only people you know? Tell me what you think...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Too much TV?

Watching television can be fun, if not brain numbing. I am constantly wishing I could press the pause button on many many many different scenes (something I do quite frequently when dh isn't around) and sketch to my hearts content. Gonna get one of Brian Williams one of these days.

But, until then, it will be random scenes I run across which inspire. I have no recollection where I found this beautiful face, but I was able to pause and capture a bit of her expression before going on with whatever that glowing box offered.

Do you ever have this feeling? Kind of like life will pass you buy and you didn't jump on the opportunity to stop, capture it, before the fleeting muse floats off?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Portrait Party

Over on there is a party going on! I am a bit shy, and like to hang back and check out who is at a party before I go in full time, but I think I am about to introduce myself a bit!

The simple premise is this. I post a picture of me and you make a portrait, and you post a picture of you and I do a portrait of you! Basically artists drawing each other, and posting these at the "Julia Kay's Portrait Party" group site.

So this is my first pic of fellow party-mate Wally Torta, an amazingly talented artist who I am in awe of. So I decided to start with him, and hopefully more to come!