Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Evening at the Barefoot Collective

Last night I had an great evening. There is a local company in town which hosts an evening for artists to present their work and get feedback. Essentially you get eight minutes and it starts at 8 o'clock. I am trying to get my art "out there" more in hopes of generating income which hopefully would allow me to stay in my studio space and keep producing more art. .

..so I signed up. Sure! I can do this, sure, why not, a group of creative individuals, giving critical feedback, especially with the idea that this is really for work in progress. Well, I showed up and it scared the gee-beez out of me! Yikes, what was I thinking, why did I think I could do this? HELP! But, I persisted, (I parked a couple blocks away thinking that if I got to the door with my work and got cold feet it would be harder for me to back out) and found myself among many beautiful amazing talented performers.

I am not a performer, but I stood up and presented my art anyway, and .... it was.... so beautiful! The words these people used to critique my work (as well as the work of the other artists there) and the way they asked questions, and all of it...so wonderful. I was scared through the whole process, and even after coming home I still felt nervous and edgy, but I felt different waking up this morning. I really did, it was happiness and even a little bit of accomplishment! (weird right?)

I think if I had a new series of paintings I wanted to show off to get feedback, I would return to this venue. They really were kind, and I have a new sense of where I want to explore now. All in all, great evening!

This Frida picture is one of the paintings I showed last night...

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